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No matter how many times we get on each other's nerves. No matter how many times I get annoyed with him about something he has said. No matter how many times we might say something we both regret, we both will get over it. He is my brother and I love him. He has been my bud and pal for the last 21 years (officially now) and I don’t think my life would be the same without him. Here are 21 things I appreciate about my brother.

1. His sense of humor

He has a unique sense of humor for sure. Whenever I need some type of giggle or laugh on a bad day, I know I can trust him to deliver. He is quick with his humor.

2. His knowledge of movies and their trivia

It is amazing the things he knows. I can always count on him when I have a question, and if he doesn’t know the answer to whatever question I have, he will do whatever it takes to figure it out.

3. His sense of adventure

He has some awesome, amazing stories. Each and every one of them is awesome to hear (over and over). Most of them involve scouts and each of them is amazing.

4. His love for Marvel and DC

Whether it is Marvel or DC, he loves everything about them. If you need to know anything about either of those, he is your go-to guy.

5. His passion for education

He is always excited to demonstrate something he has learned. With him being so passionate for education, I know I will always have someone supporting me in my years to come.

6. His support

He always is willing to support me (see point number five). He has never once told me something I am dreaming of is stupid and he continues to support me anyway.

7. His creativity

He is quite creative when it comes to writing and filming stuff. He is awesome about thinking of creative and different things and making something amazing.

8. His love for reading

He is always reading something. He reads enough that my family has a reading challenge yearly. I know that when it comes to me later needing to challenge a student with a more difficult book or just an overall suggestion, I can rely on him.

9. His attitude

He is funny and sassy and it is just awesome.

10. His overall personality.

His personality has developed over time and it is just awesome.

11. His joy

His joy often comes from reading and movies, but it’s just amazing to see.

12. His jokes.

His sense of humor creates some awesome jokes “sometimes.”

13. Even though we fight, I know I can trust him to stick up for me.

He has stuck up for me more times than I can count, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

14. His smarts

He has brains, that's for sure. I have honestly lost track of how many honor societies he has become a part of.

15. His blunt honesty

He lets you know what is on his mind almost 90% of the time.

16. His hardworking personality

He works super hard almost all the time.

17. His love for horror movies.

I love having someone to watch movies with, especially someone who also has a mutual love for horror movies. He loves them almost as much as me.

18. He knows when something is bugging me

I don’t have to even utter a word…he just knows.

19. He follows in my “footsteps.”

He has followed in my footsteps with writing, theatre, soccer, scouts, journalism moments, publishing, and honor societies. Although, he has definitely added a spin to most of our similarities as well. I write poetry, he writes stories. I did acting and tech work, and he did more tech work than acting. We both played soccer and participated in scouts. I did yearbook, he did newspaper. He’s published a story and I’ve just had poems published. And we both have been inducted into multiple honor societies, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

20. He is kinda crazy

Just a bit, but isn’t everybody?

21. Our more than 20-year relationship.

He's 21 (Now) and I'm almost 23, but we're awesome friends.

It’s been a longtime adventure and he has been my longtime bud!

Allie Little-

When someone asks you “Who is your biggest role model and why?” normally people say their parents or some famous figurehead. They don’t typically say their sibling.

For me, though, my brother is and has always been my biggest role model.

He has supported me, cheered me on, given me (mostly) unbiased advice, and has simply been there for me my entire life.

He has shown me that having a real personality, and not hiding it, will get you a long way. He taught me that being weird and unique is a good thing and if someone else can’t see that, they aren’t worth the time or effort.

From my brother, I have learned to love comic books, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokémon, and movies so bad they’re good.

Growing up with him, I was taught how to perfect my sarcasm, a skill we both used (and still use) to drive our parents nuts.

Even though I think all of these things are important skills to have, I know that my brother has taught me some even more important things, whether he knows it or not.

While watching his experience in college when I was only in junior high, I told myself that I would get my degree to make him proud. Now that I am extremely close to that goal, I have set an even higher one for myself, again for my brother.

This might seem weird to people; typically people go to college for themselves or to please their parents. I think I have a unique case, though.

My brother is seven years older than me, so we do not have that typical big brother/little sister relationship. We rarely fought the way siblings do. We were, and still are, best friends, even with the age gap.

One of the things that was enhanced by this age difference was how much I looked up to him. I wanted to do and like everything he did. He read Harry Potter, so I did too. He watched Pokémon every morning before school and I was right there next to him every morning. He could skateboard, so I tried to learn too. He played videogames and taught me to as well. I wanted to do everything he did, and in some ways I wanted to do more.

Our sibling rivalry was barely a rivalry. Sure, we would try to one-up each other, but we would cheer each other on the entire time.

Having a brother as a cheering section helped me make the decision to go to college, push myself to graduate in three years, and then go to grad school. I find it hard to make any big decision without talking to him first because his opinion matters so much.

After steering me in the right direction for my entire life, I can easily trust his judgment about anything. He knows small things like which computers I should buy or what comedian to get into. He always tells me which situations I should fight for and which to walk away from, as well as which boyfriends will pass his test and which aren’t worth the time.

Why not listen to him when he’s almost always right? (something I could never say to him in risk of his head doubling in size)

As we’ve gotten older, it is more and more evident that he just keeps getting better at this, maybe because now the seven-year age difference isn’t as evident as before. We aren’t being separated between junior high and high school or living at home and already moved out. I’m still looked at as the little sister because that’s what I am, but now we’re both adults and we’re treated that way.

Every day I’m grateful for the fact that I have such a great role model/support system/friend/brother all wrapped into one.

I will never be able to thank him, my parents, and Dan enough for pushing me to follow every one of my dreams no matter how big and scary they may seem.

Sadly, this was my final letter from the editor. This issue marks my last as Editor-in-Chief and the first issue for Dan as the new Editor-in-Chief. I know that I will be leaving The Rambler in very capable hands and I am excited to see what he, as well as the new staff, does with the coolest student-run newspaper on campus!

For the final time,
Allie Little

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