Wemmick Descriptive Essay

Pip is invited to dinner at Wemmick's whose slogan seems to be "Office is one thing, private life is another." Indeed, Wemmick has a fantastical private life. Although he lives in a small cottage, the cottage has been modified to look a bit like a castle, complete with moat, drawbridge, and a firing cannon. Pip finds Wemmick an entertaining host, far different from the Wemmick at the office.

Dicken's humorously uses Wemmick to show how conforming to society, in this case Wemmick's job at Jaggers, can twist a person so much as to make them unidentifiable. It is almost as if Wemmick's private and life and public life have made him a split personality. The one, a grim clerk with a dry callousness, the other, an imaginative, caring, generous esoteric.

Literally, Wemmick's home is his castle, and Wemmick talks in terms of defending this private home against the encroachment of the hard city life. Pip's meal there, complete with the customary cannon firing, continues the thematic use of meals with a series that introduces Part II of the novel. In this meal, Pip is brought to understand the entertaining imagination, as well as the caring humanity, of an acquaintance whom he presumed was a dull clog in the city machine.

Characters in Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens Essay

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Characters in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Dickens has many ways of making his characters both striking and memorable, he uses the dialogue and blends it with the setting and social background as illustrated by ‘torn by briars; who limped’.
Dickens is very descriptive; this also helps making the character real. Dickens creates a creepy mood when we are told about the graveyard in which we meet Magwitch as shown by ‘as if he were eluding the hands of dead people’. He uses the graveyard and the gibbet in the distance to help create this mood which adds to the edgy atmosphere. The tone of this extract is dramatic and intimidating; Dickens achieves this by using short, but descriptive sentences. Dickens makes us feel…show more content…

Wemmick likes to be secure; a lot of his possessions and his house, or ‘castle’ show this. When Dickens describes Magwitch, he describes him to look mean and scary; this is because it is Pip telling us from when he was a boy.
Dickens tries to make the reader feel a bit sorry for Magwitch because he is soaked, has torn clothes and is limping.

Miss Havisham is misunderstood when we first see her, as, under first impressions, Pip thinks it is a nice, clean place. Dickens slowly reveals that all is not as it seems and that actually the place is dust filled and hasn’t seen sunlight in a long time, ‘faded and yellow’. Dickens shows us Mrs Havisham as a beautiful woman in a brides dress at first, and then, slowly, we realise that in fact Miss
Havisham is aged and worn: ‘had been white long ago’.

Wemmick is a very memorable because we can imagine him as a real person. Dickens makes it so the reader likes Wemmick, because he is a jolly and different type of person. Wemmick is very proud of his work and inventions as he says: ‘and my own jack of all trades’.

Magwitch creates a tone with the way he speaks when he is talking to
Pip, he is trying to sound very scary to Pip, so Pip will get him some food. There are some words that Magwitch pronounces incorrectly:
‘wittles’ and ‘pecoolier’, this adds to the sympathy we gradually build up for him. He uses over-exaggerated threats

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