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Welcome to the Music webpage.  

We have three specialist Music teachers making up one half of the Performing Arts Faculty of Music and Drama - Mr. Rosie, Mr. Blyth and Mr. Turnbull.

Mr Rosie is the head of the faculty which is located on the ground floor of Kinross High School.

In our department we have 3 teaching rooms and 12 practice rooms.

Instrumental Music Service

There are eight instrumental teachers: 

Mr. Bailie (Guitar), Mrs. Doyle (Upper Strings),Mr. Mitchell (Woodwind),Mrs. Oxnard (Lower Strings),

Miss Paterson(Percussion), Mrs. McLennan (Voice), Mrs. McLennan (Piano), Mr. Seith (Brass)


We present two concerts per year and are currently planning for a school show for June 2017. The Music department also present items at the school’s annual prize giving at the end of the summer term.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Concert: Wednesday 20th December 2017

Extra-Curricular Activities

The department currently has a number of extra-curricular activities:

Boys' Choir - Wednesday at 1:25pm

Chamber Group - Thursday at 1:25pm

Drum Club - Wednesday at 1:25pm

Full Orchestra - Wednesday at 3:45pm

Girls' Choir - Monday at 1:25pm

Guitar Club - Monday at 1:25pm

Loch Leven Records - Thursday at 3:45pm

Percussion Ensemble - Tuesday at 1:25pm

Show Band - Wednesday at 1:25pm

String Orchestra - Tuesday at 1:25pm

Ukulele Orchestra - Tuesday at 1:25pm

Wind Band - Thursday at 1:25pm


Courses we offer in this field:

S1 MusicCourse Overview

S2 MusicCourse Overview

S3 MusicCourse Overview

S4 MusicCourse Overview

S5 & 6 MusicCourse Overview

N4 MusicCourse Overview

N5 MusicCourse Overview

Higher MusicCourse Overview

Advanced Higher MusicCourse Overview

S3 Music TechnologyCourse Overview

N5 Music TechnologyCourse Overview

Higher Music TechnologyCourse Overview


Adverse Weather

Wednesday 28th & Thursday 1st March 2018

Pupil should continue to check their Google Classroom, where appropriate, for any messages from their class teacher. In the absence of a Google Classroom for any pupil/class the following advice is given:

1. Senior pupils in S4/5/6 should revise for upcoming assessments using materials already supplied or online tools such as BBC Bitesize, Scholar and SQA Solar OpenAssess, where appropriate.

2. All pupils, S1-S4, should check Mangahigh and MyMaths for any new tasks and also take this opportunity to complete any outstanding tasks.

Keep warm and stay safe. We hope to see you all on Friday.

Welcome to the Maths Department Webpages

The Maths department is made up of 7 teachers, Mrs Furby (PT), Mr Baird, Mrs Caldwell, Mr Davie, Mr Innes, Mrs McKay and Ms Young. We are located on the 1st floor of the teaching block and occupy 7 classrooms and 1 ICT room.

Within the Maths Department webpages, you will find information on the following:

  • Aims and Ethos
  • Current news including assessment dates
  • Course information and outlines including content detail
  • Parent guides
  • Homework and revision information
  • Resources and links to help with studying and revision
  • Information about careers in Mathematics

Please note we are increasing our use of Google Classroom for posting homework and revision assignments so you will start to see a decrease in this aspect of the website, particularly since the website is unreliable for uploading files and information.

Click on the following link for a useful guide of common Maths and Numeracy methods used at KHS:

Maths and Numeracy Guide

Latest News
Please welcome Mr Innes to the Maths Department this week. Mr Innes is replacing Mr Hodgson's post which has been covered by Mr Brown for the last 3 months.


Upcoming confirmed assessment dates for your diary (Class teachers will inform pupils which day they will be sitting their assessment):

Wk beginning 12th February 2018 - S2 Block 5 Assessment

Wk beginning 19th February 2017 - S1 Block 2 Assessment

9th March 2018 - N5 Assessment 3 for class 4maB (Mrs Furby)

7th - 12th March 2018 (tbc) - Higher assessment 3

Information regarding Block content can be found via the 'Courses' pages and revision information for assessments can be found via the 'Revision Information'tab and/or via your child's Google Classroomas directed by your child's teacher.


Information regarding new S1 Classes August 2017

S1 classes have been rearranged into different classes w/b 28/8/17. The class movement and broad setting has been based around transfer information from your child’s primary school, some in-class working and a short diagnostic assessment. Further fine tuning will follow later after the Primary school Curriculum for Excellence levels have been received and all pupils have had the chance to revise, be extended and assessed on the topics in our Block 1.

It is important however we identify any gaps and/or strengths and weaknesses at their previous level and ensure they are working at the correct pace in their new level. To this end we will continue to revise and extend throughout all areas of the Maths curriculum and may continue to adjust the classes as and when necessary as we work through the course.  Your child will however, continue to work at a level appropriate to their ability.

Further information including a link to the S1/2 course outline can be found on the S1 course webpage.

New Maths classes session 2017/18

As pupils move into the academic session of 2017/18 there has been a reshuffle of classes. This is due to a number of reasons:

a) In S3 and S4, pupils are no longer placed in classes according to their house groups and are placed against English, thus having an effect on when they come to Maths;

b) The number of classes within the year group change;

c) Timetable constraints mean that certain teachers are not available when a group of pupils are due to come to the department.

In S2, S3 and S4, pupils have been broadly set in ability groups based on assessment results, teacher recommendation and peer/support factors.

S3 Final Progress assessment Thursday 11th May 2017* 

This assessment will cover topics from Block 9 of the course outline and will be assessing understanding at Levels 3/4 and 4+.

A summary of the topics being assessed are noted below:

    • Circle work

    • Pythagoras

    • Trigonometry

    • Volume

    • More algebra

Revision materials can be accessed via the Revision Information tab under S3 - BGE.

*Pupils embarking on the French Exchange trip can agree with their teacher whether they sit the assessment before they go (Tueday 9th May) or as soon as they get back (Friday 19th May) .


100 N5 Exam Type Questions & Answers - Test Yourself!

*Final Preparation for Nat 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher pupils*

In the final few weeks of S4,5 and 6 courses, I'd like to remind you about the support being offered to your child within the Maths department, what resources they can access and what they can do to ensure they are exam ready come May:

  • Study Clubs - these run most days after school at 3.45pm - 4.45pm and some lunch-times. Pupils are welcome to join any club pitched at the appropriate level. Click on the following link to see the study club timetable. Senior (S4-S6) Study Support Opportunities
  • Past Paper practice - This is one of the best way that your child can become exam ready. pupils can download them at (if they haven't already!)
  • Homework Tasks - these can be revisited especially where pupils have missed doing them or didn't perform so well earlier in the year. Pupils can come along to study club and get help to work through some of the challenging questions. All homework tasks can be found in the resources menu of the course overview (your child should know where to find them!)
  • Prelim Analysis - Pupils can look back over their evaluation sheets to see what areas in particular they need to revisit and consolidate.
  • Topic booklets - Pupils should be references their notes regularly when working through past papers and homework.

Also, during the Easter holidays, Perth College are offering an Easter Revision Course for Higher Maths. If you would like more information regarding this, please see your Higher teacher, Mrs Furby or Miss Breen.


*S3 Progress Assessment February 2017*

S3 will complete a 2nd Progress Assessment on 14th February 2017. The assessment will cover topics from Block 8 from our S3 course outline and will be assessing understanding at Levels 3/4 and 4+. More information including revision materials can be found via the Revision Information tab.



Courses we offer in this field:

S1 MathsCourse Overview

S2 MathsCourse Overview

S3 MathsCourse Overview

Nat 4 Application of MathematicsCourse Overview

Nat 4 MathsCourse Overview

Nat 5 MathsCourse Overview

Nat 5 Maths (S5/6)Course Overview

Higher MathsCourse Overview

Advanced Higher MathsCourse Overview

Nat 5 Application of Mathematics (S5/6)Course Overview

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