Essay On My Favourite Subject Science

During our school times, we studied lot of subjects like History, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. These subjects made us understand lot of things, taught us ways to be good human beings and made the learning more and more fun through various experiments and analyses. Being a child I always had an inquisitive mind and I loved experiments and adventures. I enjoyed attending the science classes as almost every day we used to learn new things.

Science has been a great blessing for mankind. It plays a great role in our day to day lives and the development of humans and economies also is dependent on inventions of science. It has brought transformation to our lives which is simply beyond recognition. We can now travel faster and comfortably in vehicles. We can now talk to the people on mobile devices and can even see them through the video chats.

The inventions of science has made things very easy for people working in factories. There are lots and lots of advanced machinery now, which earlier was not there so to say with good quality industrial plants the human effort has reduced. But the production has considerably increased and exports have also sprung up giving a huge rise to the economy of our country.

Science has also made considerable inventions and discoveries in the field of health and wellness. Now we have medicines for severe diseases like Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Plague and Cholera which earlier was not there. Plastic surgery is another invention of science which can hide your scars.

But as it is known, the grass is not always green. Because of these inventions of science more and more unemployment is coming up. The work is being done by the machines on a lower cost so the owners are firing people and the jobs have come to a stagnation. Hydrogen and atomic bombs have threatened the world peace and harmony.

So to conclude we can say that the comfort and convenience that science has given to the human beings cannot be denied but it should also be used with proper caution and care and only for the betterment of humanity.

In school a student has to study many subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and Geography among others, in order to prepare himself for an examination. Not everyone likes the subjects he or she studies in school. Students have their favorite subjects and they tend to pay special attention to them in class. They are willing to go that extra mile, so to speak, where these subjects are concerned. More often than not they also perform better in these subjects during the exams.

For me my favorite subject is Biology, a branch of Science. This is because it teaches me about the human body, animal life and about plants. I like to learn and understand these subjects more than others. I learn with great interest the different parts of my body and their functions. It is important to know how human beings respire and how food digests in our bodies. We also learn about the bones, muscles and ligaments which make up our very form and aid us in our movement. How we come to experience pain and other sensations through a network of fine channels called nerves which conduct very small electrical currents. We then begin to realize the true complexity of the human body.

The study of animals also fascinates me. I came to know about the various breeds of mammals, birds and reptiles. Both big and small mammals that live side by side in the forest and grasslands. I am curious to know how they survive in the wild. Wild animals like lions and tigers prey on weaker animals like deer and zebra yet they co-exist in such lands. There are relationships between animals that are even beneficial to both parties and are called symbiotic. My desire to know more has compelled me to watch documentary films on animal life.

Science also teaches us about the plant, life. It allows me to differentiate between species of plants. It explains how they produce their own food and react to external stimuli. Our class experiments have shown us the extraordinary ways plants adapt themselves to survive under different conditions. The practical nature of the experiments allows us to see first hand the science of Biology in action. I consider Biology as one of the most useful subjects for a student as it teaches him or her about the basic facts of nature. However this is not to say that one should neglect other subjects.

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