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The purposes of the present research were 1) to develop a teacher training curriculum on learning management to develop student's analytical thinking, 2) to implement the teacher training curriculum and to assess its effectiveness and 3) to study the student's analytical thinking as a result of learning management emphasizes analytical thinking. The research employed Research and Development Design consisting of 3 phases of study. The first phase involved the development of a teacher training curriculum. The second phase was for the implementation and assessment for the effectiveness of the curriculum. The target group consisted of 24 teachers who taught Science, Thai Language, Social Studies, Religions and Culture learning areas in the schools under the Office of Khon Kaen Primary Education Service Area 1, Ministry of Education, Thailand. The third phase was for the study the student's analytical thinking as a result of learning management emphasizes analytical thinking. The target group in this third phase consisted of 824 students in grades 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 from 24 classrooms who were taught by the 24 teachers that had been trained for learning management emphasizing analytical thinking. Results of the research are as follows:

Research Student Courses

Below are some of the workshops run by the LUBS, ESSL, Arts and PVAC (LEAP) training team, Staff Departmental and Development Unit (SDDU), the Library, the Careers Service and Information Technology teams. See the booking database for more details of suitability and availability of the courses. Also check the Researcher Training Development website, SDDU website and the Ethics pages.

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PhD Process

Information Management and Library Courses

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Ethics Training Sessions for Researchers


There are also workshops on Presentation Skills,Organising a Conference, Impact and Public Engagement. Please check the booking system for dates.

Communication Skills

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Jobs & Career Management for Researchers (Please book through the careers service)

  • Skill Recognition/Articulation and Finding Jobs outside Academic Research
  • Recognising and Developing Leadership Skills
  • CVs and Applications
  • Interview Skills
  • Networking and Creative Job Search
  • Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator

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Research staff and Postgraduate research students who are teaching can attend the central, Introduction to Teaching workshops.
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IT  Software

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