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Distributing our magazines to over 220,000 homes in San Diego means we have several hundreds of thousands of readers. Below are some of the common questions we see on a daily basis. If your question isn’t listed or you would like to speak to someone on our editorial or marketing team, simply drop us a line.


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If you still have questions, feel free to contact us with your question! We get a large amount of requests for each magazine, so expect responses from our editorial or sales team within a couple days.

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If you live in the zip code of the title of the magazine, you should already be receiving a copy of your local magazine in the mail every other month. If you’re not and want to be added to our distribution list, please email us with the subject “(Magazine Name) Mailing List” with your name, full address and phone number (sorry, no P.O. Boxes). If you would like a subscription and don’t live in the zip code, hold tight, as we are almost done setting up our full-blown subscription system!

Let’s make you famous! Simply go to the website of your community’s magazine (,, etc) and click on the “Submit to” menu tab to submit your article recommendation or Click Here! (You can submit an article for ANY magazine from each individual website).

We get a massive amount of event submissions and unfortunately can’t fit every event into each magazine. But we LOVE getting submissions! Simply go to the website of your community’s magazine (,, etc) and click on the “Submit to” menu tab to submit your event. Don’t forget to make note of each magazine’s print schedule and submission deadlines below! We are currently developing a brand new online calendar to help accommodate our increase in submissions!

We have plenty of extra copies of most issues (first come, first served) at our media center (located at 11011 Via Frontera, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92127). You can order extra copies HERE. Or feel free to swing by during our open hours.

We have a talented team of writers for our magazines and aren’t currently looking for additional writers. As we increase magazines, new positions will be opening, so you can always drop us your resume for us to check out when a new position becomes available. We do not purchase pre-written articles, sorry.

Yes! We have very strict deadlines to make sure each magazine makes it into mailboxes on time! All editorial submissions must be in by the 1st of the month PRIORto the issue’s release (for example, a Mar/April issue’s hard editorial deadline is February 1). Check out the section down below to see when your next issue is coming and its deadline.

Check out the section down below. You can see the issue schedules for every magazine along with submission deadlines.

ZCode is unique in nature. Because we work to help promote events and organizations in so many different areas, we are unable to provide traditional monetary sponsorships. We do, however, often offer editorial publicity in trade for media sponsorships (we refer to this as an “in-kind” trade or promotion). We see this as a win-win situation as we can help promote the event or organization in our community magazines which our readers can appreciate.

Since ZCode is a media outlet, outside publicity does not benefit the magazines as much as traditional companies that benefit from the publicity ZCode and its magazines provide. With a reach of up to 220,000 homes and with each magazine being delivered to the homes inside the zip code it represents, there isn’t much additional “publicity” that a monetary sponsorship would provide.

If you are interested in a media-based sponsorship for your event/team/organization, feel free to contact us for more information.

If you would like to be removed from receiving a free issue six times per year, please email us with the subject “Subscription Removal” and include your name and physical address that you would like removed. We will keep your copy for additional print copy requests or rack location copies.

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Your business is your life. Just like ours. We know the importance of minimizing costs and maximizing return on investment (ROI). We tailored our pricing model with the local small business owner in mind. Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you can’t look like a million bucks. Here are some common questions we receive from owners and managers who are thinking about marketing their business and taking it to the next level.


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We know every business is unique. That’s why we put such an emphasis on spending time getting to know what exactly your business can benefit from. Feel free to ask us any specific (or generic) questions through email. We can even come by your business to go over all of our affordable options.

Just Ask Us!

This is a great question. While we don’t negotiate pricing, marketing your business with ZCode is considerably less expensive than other print advertising platforms. Here is a basic example:

Most regional magazines in San Diego only reach between 18-40 thousand households in total circulation. And that’s throughout the city, county, even nation! If your business is in Rancho Bernardo, how much of your budget would be wasted on people that aren’t even within driving distance? With ZCode, we could put together a comparable option for your business to get exposure to more readers, all who live within 5-7 miles of your business. Oh, and with our pricing, it would be considerably less expensive.

We like to work in person. We have account executives all over the county. We would love to come visit you and discuss the most cost-effective way to promote your product or service. We have a motto at ZCode: We educate local businesses about our product, we don’t sell you on it. We believe in helping our neighboring businesses grow with us. Take some time and tell us about your business.

You can have as much input as you want. We can take care of everything from designing a great advertisement, photo shoots, articles about your business, etc (the list goes on and on). We have a fantastic team of hard working individuals who take pride in working to make your business look like a million bucks.

Of course! We work with dozens of businesses and agencies that provide print-ready artwork to our specifications. See below for guidelines and specs.

In one word, YES! We have everything from home-based businesses all the way to international corporations participating in our magazines.

We assure you that print is not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and thriving in our local communities. Hyper-local niche publications, like ZCode’s magazines are growing faster than ever. Our readership grows with every issue released. We do have plenty of options for local online marketing as well as social media marketing solutions.

Yes! We can’t emphasize the importance of our deadlines enough. We don’t have the ability to “STOP THE PRESSES” although we’ve always wanted to yell it.

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Welcome back! You’re probably here because you have a specific question about your marketing or agreement. The quickest and easiest way to get answers is to contact your account executive directly. If you don’t have their contact info on hand, don’t worry, you can write us and we’ll get an answer to you right away!


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Feel free to call or email your account executive or you can ask our marketing department any questions you may have.

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Check out the section down below. It has all print deadlines for each issue! And don’t forget to mark your Google calendars, iPhone calendars, Android calendars, or whatever calendar you put important business dates on!

The easiest way to find out everything about your account is to contact your account executive directly. You can also contact us with your business name and we can answer any questions about your account you may have.

See the section down below for all ad submission guidelines and sizes.

Yes! We love receiving editorial submissions from our marketing partners! Simply go to the website of your community’s magazine (,, etc) and click on the “Submit to” menu tab to submit your suggestion or Click Here! (You can submit an article for ANY magazine from each individual website).

Yes! The easiest way is to come by our media center  (located at 11031 Via Frontera Ste. B, San Diego, CA 92127). We typically have plenty of extra copies of the recent issues. Feel free to swing by during our open hours.

For pricing information on web advertising, Click Here! If you’re new or have general questions about advertising, just drop us a line and we will get you all the information you need!

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We have made our “Quick Glance” media kit available online (just click the button below). If you would like a more extensive media kit with specific pricing information, head over to to our Get Started page and we’ll get one to you!

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print and deadline schedule

All of ZCode’s magazines are bi-monthly (they come out every other month).

Please Note: We are currently taking reservations for our May/June & June/July 2018 Real Estate Guide Issues. Click Here to Reserve!

92127, 92128, 92131, 92024, Del Sol, 92067, 92081

Published every odd numbered month:

  • Jan/Feb issue editorial deadline is Dec 1, artwork deadline is Dec 7
  • Mar/Apr issue editorial deadline is Feb 1, artwork deadline is Feb 7
  • May/Jun issue editorial deadline is Apr 1, artwork deadline is Apr 7
  • Jul/Aug issue editorial deadline is June 1, artwork deadline is June 7
  • Sep/Oct issue editorial deadline is Aug 1, artwork deadline is Aug 7
  • Nov/Dec issue editorial deadline is Oct 1, artwork deadline is Oct 7

92129, 92064, 92130, 92009, 92011, 08/10, 92078

Published every even numbered month:

  • Feb/Mar issue editorial deadline is Jan 1, artwork deadline is Jan 7
  • Apr/May issue editorial deadline is Mar 1, artwork deadline is Mar 7
  • Jun/Jul issue editorial deadline is May 1, artwork deadline is May 7
  • Aug/Sep issue editorial deadline is July 1, artwork deadline is July 7
  • Oct/Nov issue editorial deadline is Sep 1, artwork deadline is Sep 7
  • Dec/Jan issue editorial deadline is Nov 1, artwork deadline is Nov 7

ad specifications

Listed below are our print and web ad specifications. If you have any additional questions, contact our graphics department.

Print Ad Sizes

Full Page: 8.875″ wide x 11″ tall (.25″ bleed, trimmed to 8.375″ x 10.5″) – Please keep all text at least .625″ from bleed edge.
Half Page: 7.375″ wide x 4.625″ tall (no bleed)
Vertical Half Page: 3.562″ wide x 9.25″ tall (no bleed)
Quarter Page: 3.562″ wide x 4.625″ tall (no bleed)
Eighth Page: 3.562″ wide x 2.187″ tall (no bleed)


  • 300 DPI or higher
  • High resolution JPG, PDF, PSD, AI
  • CMYK color format
  • Avoid using 4-color black text (set black text to C=0,M=0,Y=0,K=100 for best final print quality)
  • ZCode Media accepts files via email or dropbox. Contact your ZCode account executive with any additional questions.

Online/Web Ad Sizes

Leaderboard: 728px by 90px
Sidebar: 300px by 250px

  • 72 DPI
  • RGB color
  • JPG, PNG, SWF, GIF file formats supported
  • ZCode Media accepts files via email or dropbox. Contact your ZCode account executive with any additional questions.

For pricing information on web advertising,
Click Here!

The Fine Print…

Please note that the “Artwork Deadlines” are firm approval deadlines for advertisements that the ZCode Graphics Department is creating or modifying. For new ads, redesigns, or major changes, please submit specific instructions/ideas/materials as early as possible, and no later than three business days before the deadline.

If your company is submitting a fully designed ad that does not require modifications by ZCode, we offer a two business day grace period after the deadline for the file(s) to be submitted. Likewise, if your advertisement only requires minor text changes (expiration date, contact information, etc) there is a two business day grace period to submit these changes. Please send an e-mail to our graphics department prior to the deadline if you plan on submitting any materials after the deadline.


Andrew Moore
Editor-in-Chief Bioessays and Inside the Cell

So, you’ve agreed to review that paper from so-and-so et al. From the title and abstract, it sounded worth your time, and you really were going to do it before July 15th. But now you’ve received a reminder from editorial that you’re overdue with your report. Worse still, you’re sitting at the departure gate waiting for a flight to Chicago for a large neuroscience meeting. Your Internet connection is so slow that you can’t even download the paper anymore. And you know that once you’re at the meeting you’ll have neither the time nor peace to read and review the paper properly. What to do?

The first thing is quite simple: immediately inform editorial of your situation. Though you know that editorial has invited others to review the paper, my advice, for safety’s sake, is to assume that your report is the rate-limiting step in the decision-making process. In fact, the longer you wait the more that is true. If the review is very late, and the editor has received no communication, she or he might feel forced to invite another reviewer. But that is the worst possible scenario. It can easily take a week to get another reviewer to agree; then a further 10 to 20 days for reviewing and submitting the report– a missed review deadline can easily lead to a delay of up to one month in peer review. This sounds like a rare calamity, but trust me, it happens quite frequently. As in so many other areas, communication is key. Often, editorial can only guess at the reason for the delayed report - but as reviewer you know the reason. It is in everyone’s best interests if you are able to let editorial know immediately if a delay is likely, thus avoiding the awkward decision for editorial of when to cut its losses, but incur an even longer delay for the decision that the author is eagerly awaiting.

If you find that something unavoidable will delay your review, but you still wish to help fulfill the commitment, you could consider whether, for example, the journal is receptive to reviewer delegation and a senior post-doc in your group could perform the review instead. Always let editorial know in advance of report submission that you’ve done this. Ideally, you should request that you be de-assigned in the manuscript tracking system and that the new reviewer be assigned in your place so that he or she receives the review request and necessary background information directly.

Sometimes, suspecting a serious delay early on in the process, editorial invites a few back-up reviewers. Consider the following scenario: one of the back-up reviewers then submits an assessment relatively quickly; but in the background, the delayed reviewer has almost finished the report.  Even without the delayed report, editorial has enough reports of sufficient quality to make a decision and does so – purely to avoid making the author(s) wait an undefined number of days more.

Can the delayed reviewer still contribute to the peer review of the paper? Yes. Although the submission system might now be barred for that reviewer, she/he should definitely get in touch with editorial and offer to submit the review by email. If the report is very divergent from those already submitted, this can put editorial in a difficult position – another reason not to delay! – but in the interests of thorough scientific critique, most editors will forward the report to the author(s) with an explanation. Though it would not be perceived as particularly fair to change the basic decision at this point, if a late report uncovers something fundamentally flawed or ethically unprofessional in the paper, the editor would be obliged to reconsider the decision completely. This puts the editor in a difficult position, which you’d obviously want to avoid.

So, you get the picture. Most of the problems of delayed peer review reports – while representing a disservice to the author(s) of the paper– put editorial between a rock and a hard place, because the editor is the face of the journal.

Editors are usually very understanding of all manner of genuine problems that hold up authors and reviewers. Don’t let inhibitions hold you back from admitting to a delay. And, if you have missed your deadline and have assured the editor that you still intend to submit a review, please do everything in your power to submit the review by the date you’ve promised, or earlier.

Image Credit/Source:Hero Images/Getty Images

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