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Choose 1 Vocabulary Activity per Chapter Lesson.  These activities are priceless.


Word Drawings–  Turn the actual words into art of the meaning  Ex.    L_____I______N______E,


A Picture Paints A Thousand Words–  Make a picture to represent the word, concept, or theory


Story Teller-  Write a story relating the meaning of the words

Acrostic Poem-  Describe the word using the letters of the word. EX. Seed S- small, E-embryo for plants, E-  earth grown,

D- develops into plant

Rhymer-  Use the words in a rhyming scientific poem

Headliner- Use each word in a sentence using context clues to give the definition


Mind Map Graphic-  Make a graphic or organizer put the word in the middle bubble. Add five bubbles around the word with key words that are associated with the word.

Gamer-  Create a game using the vocabulary words.  This can be done using quizlet or other computer programs.  This includes non-tech games.

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Spelling and Vocabulary Homework Menu for 3rd Grade


 Choose a different activity each night, Monday through Thursday, for your spelling and vocabulary homework.

Make sure your words are spelled correctly and take the time to sound out each one.

 You will turn in some kind of proof of homework each morning (practice sheets, parent signed notes, etc). lease date your work. Your spelling and vocabulary tests will be on !riday.

Spelling Homework Choices !ne due daily" Monday through #hursday$


%&C !rder

#rite all of your spelling words in alpha$betical (%&C) order.

'( )ord *arts

#rite your words. Then use a colored pencil to divide the words into syllables.

3( )rite each word + times each(

'ay the word as you spell it.

,( Silly sentences

#rite  or more sentences that use all  your spelling words.

+( *icture words

raw a picture and hide  your spelling words in the picture.

-( Shape )ords


.( /0ansom1 )ords

*#rite+ your words by cutting letters out of a newspaper or magaine and gluing the letters ona piece of paper to spell  your words.

2( 0ainbow )ords

#rite your spelling words with colored pencils or crayons. Makeeach letter a different color.

( Scrambled )ords

#rite your words. Then write them again with the letters mi-ed up. (Try giving it to a classmate to see if theycan figure them out).

45( Vowel Spotlight

#rite your words using one color for the vowelsand another color for the consonants.

44( Scrabble

#rite spelling words crisscross using a common letter.

samep yellow4'( )ord Search

Create your own word search with your spelling. 'how the answers to your pule.

43( Synonyms

#rite your spelling words and ne-t to it write the synonym.

4,( %ntonyms

#rite your spelling words and ne-t to it write the antonym.

4+( 0hyming )ords

#rite your spelling words and ne-t to each one write two rhyming words.

4-( )rite a Story

#rite a story using at least " spelling words. &onus/ 0se an additional1 vocabulary words for "e-tra credit point.

Vocabulary Choices:

ractice and learn each word and its definition.

#hursday$43( 6lash Cards

Make and practice with flashcards. ut the wordon one side and define$tion on the other.

4,( *icture 7 a Story

raw a picture defining each word. #rite a sentence about your picture using the word.

4+( *ractice with a 6riend

2et together with someone and practice (You need a note from

4-( 89plain

3ead each word and e-plain to your parents what each word means.(You need a note from

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