Myhomework Student Planner Review Inkwell

This free education homework planner is an excellent way to teach kids at an early age how to organize and keep track of homework and assignment due dates, all on their own. Many kids have trouble keeping track of a traditional assignment notebook. For kids with access to technology in school, this app will encourage kids to be more independent in adding tasks to their calendar and in planning for projects and upcoming tests. In the beginning, teachers and parents will need to be involved to monitor assignments and due dates, as well as to enter specific setting information to customize schedules. And manually entering all assignments if teachers aren't using the companion software can be tedious. However, the myHomework Student Planner app is a very valuable solution for kids and adults, especially those with executive functioning and memory difficulties. While parents and teachers may need to spend time customizing settings and checking the app daily for accuracy with young kids, it serves as a fantastic strategy to help students learn how to organize their homework, which promotes independence for high school and college. The app is heavily text based, so kids will need to be able to read in order to view the name of their assignments, or ask for help, or use the device settings to have text read to them. 

If mobile organizational features are not already built into a student's LMS at school, myHomework Student Planner has the potential to be very useful, and with the ability to synch among devices, a student's calendar can follow them wherever they go. If used consistently, juggling multiple classes with multiple assignments and due dates should be no problem for students. The quick and easy monitoring of assignments and other projects shows students that staying organized isn't as hard as it may seem.  

Without using, manually adding classes and assignments can become tedious, and schools and districts will need to determine if the pop-up ads and third-party rewards system are appropriate for students. More accessibility options for students or a badging system to encourage regular use would improve myHomework's viability as a long-term scheduling solution. Paired with, organizational skills can be sharpened when using this app; without consistent use and support from a teacher, students may just go back to paper agendas -- or nothing at all.

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