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Here are nine pictures of young Patrick Stewart, including a picture of him as a baby, and several pictures from his teenage years. Born in July 1940 in the West Riding of Yorkshire, Stewart credits his inspiration to become an actor to his elementary school English teacher. Sir Patrick Stewart has built a distinguished acting career, both on stage and in film.

Patrick Stewart is well known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the popular X-Men series. He has also been featured as a voice-over actor in several different television shows. His career includes on-stage performances with the infamous Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as popular series like American Dad. This English Actor has certainly made his mark in the entertainment industry, and he will most likely be in the limelight for years to come. So what did Patrick Stewart look like when he was young and had hair? Find out here with these photos of Patrick Stewart when he was young! Don't forget to check out some young Donald Trump pictures too while you're at it!


Young Patrick Stewart in High School


Young Patrick Stewart in a Fireman Hat

Sir Patrick Stewart has made a rallying cry for Britain to stay in the European Union saying he find the number of people supporting a Brexit “shocking”.

The veteran actor said he does not understand the “thirst for isolationism” from those who support a Brexit after he experienced the “unity” of countries after the end of the Second World War.

Writing for the Guardian under the title “I saw postwar Europe unite. We can’t let it unravel”, Sir Patrick draws on his experiences of the post-war years. “For the first time I became aware of my country as a place hoping to share its future with others all around the world. Yes, millions had died but the hope was that never again could a war like that be repeated. The world had suffered, not just Europe and it seems a lesson had finally been learned. The cold war was still ahead but the United Nations had me into being and global responsibility and collaboration was also the future.”

The 75-year-old said he believes these ideals were cemented further with the start of the European Union. 

“It was for me a triumph of all those convictions that the future must be one of worldwide cooperation and unity, and here were were paving the way with the beginnings of collaboration across Europe and learning the lessons of our own history”.

Sir Patrick called the upcoming referendum on the 23rd June the “biggest political decision of our generation” and predicted the remain vote will prevail but said: “Nevertheless the fact that so many fellow British citizens want to leave Europe is shocking. Standing alone was how we were in 1940. 

“Why campaign to put us back there? I do not understand this thirst for isolationism […] Let this just be a passing insecurity and let us once more embrace reality, philosophy, common sense and hope for our country,” he wrote.

Other high-profile individuals who have backed the remain campaign include Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley who both signed a letter urging Britain to stay in the EU.

High-profile individuals on the opposing leave camp include actors Sir Michael Caine and Dame Joan Collins who told the Daily Mailrecently “This is a tiny island. There are too many people coming in and we’re going to sink into the sea with so many people.” 

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