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Citing all of your sources correctly and completely is extremely important. Your professors, employers, and colleagues will always need to know what information you built upon when you did your own research and wrote your own paper or journal article.

  1. Different academic disciplines use different kinds of materials, and must therefore be able to write about them correctly as well as cite them correctly.

    For example, art historians cite exhibition catalogs; humanities scholars cite multi-volume works with multiple editors and translators; and STEM researchers cite publications whose titles include Greek letters and other symbols, and compounds with superscripts and subscripts. 
  2. The styles for the Modern Language Association (MLA) and the American Psychological Association (APA), best suit writing in the humanities and social sciences, respectively. "Chicago" was the style begun by the University of Chicago Press and now used by many publications and disciplines, either as their primary style or as a supplement.
  3. Some specialized disciplines have created their own styles, which provide rules for citing their discipline-specific terms; an example is the American Medical Association (AMA) style, which includes things like proper names of laboratory tests and their units, and mathematical equations.

It is important to have guides that tell us how to write and cite consistently -- our readers must understand exactly what we are saying, and not be confused by seeing different ways of referring to the same concepts and terms.

The Collection of
Computer Science Bibliographies

About the Collection

This is a collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science from various sources, covering most aspects of computer science. The bibliographies are updated weekly from their original locations such that you'll always find the most recent versions here.

The collection currently contains more than 7 millions of references (mostly to journal articles, conference papers and technical reports), clustered in about 1500 bibliographies, and consists of more than 2.3 GBytes (530MB gzipped) of BibTeX entries. More than 600 000 references contain crossreferences to citing or cited publications.

More than 1 million of references contain URLs to an online version of the paper. Abstracts are available for more than 800 000 entries. There are more than 2000 links to other sites carrying bibliographic information.

For more information on the contents of this collection have a look at the bibliographic statistics.

Search for publications in the bibliography collection

Since the bibliographies are not just referenced by links, but actually mirrored and present as a local copy, they are searchable.


The bibliographies have been categorized hierarchically. You can descend the hierarchy by following the subject areas below or search the bibliography descriptions with a boolean query.

The bibliographies have been grouped into subject areas, but there is still a substantial overlap between subject areas.

There are also other online bibliographies that are not integrated into this collection.

Hyperlinks to bibliographies on specific topics

If you would like to establish links from your page to interesting bibliographies in this collection, it is advised that you do not use URLs to a particular bibliography since the URLs of bibliographies might change and you would miss future additions that are also interesting to you.
Instead, use a URL of the form

and append a query that describes the area of interest, e.g. for bibliographies on load-balancing

You can test query expressions with the search form above to see whether the appropriate bibliographies are retrieved. That way you'll always link to all interesting bibliographies and do not miss out on new additions.


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