Textiles Gcse Coursework Design Specification Template

Product specification

A designer must make sure products meet the product specification. The product specification should be directly influenced by the analysis of research. This will ensure quality of design and that the end product is fit for purpose.

A specification is a statement that tells the designer exactly what the product has to do and what the design requirements are. A specification should include:

  • product function
  • overall dimensions
  • materials
  • an outline of the appearance of the product
  • user requirements
  • details of the source of power (if needed)
  • anthropometrics and ergonomics
  • possible production levels
  • legal requirements
  • environmental considerations and requirements

Anthropometrics is the study of the sizes of people in relation to products. For example, chairs used in schools need to be suitable for the average size of pupils in the schools.

Ergonomics is the relationship between people and the products which they use. Anthropometric data is used to help design products to meet ergonomic needs. Ergonomics also considers the force a person can apply, for example when using a tin opener, or the pedals of a car.

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